Frequently Asked Questions

FameLinks is a Beauty Contests App for all Male/Female - all Age Groups at various levels of Titles starting from District level to State to National and finally the World.

FameLinks Feed is for Beauty Contest Voting with three heart rating system. FunLinks is for short videos which is meant to be a public feed. FollowLinks feed shows only those posts of users whom a you follow

In FameLinks, you get one post per day to upload with 4-6 photos and one 30Sec Video

In FunLinks, you can post 15sec - 30Sec Video as much as you want. This is a place where you can show your creativity and attract more number of followers

In FollowLinks, you can post any of your photos or videos but only your followers would see them. These posts are not counted for FameLinks Contest win

You can write to us at or contact +91-7777061172